The Best Breakfast

As much as I love a fry up, and I certainly do, porridge is the best breakfast around. If I don’t gobble a decent sized portion every morning my tum threatens to break free and get it itself.

I don’t own a microwave so it has be made in a pan, which admittedly makes more mess than toast or cereal. That said, it quick and eating it out of the hot pan saves washing up and warms a lap on a winters morning.

Here are some great reason to start a day with a bowl of the good stuff.

brekkie1. Gobble up that Fibre. All the cereal ads on TV tell us to buy their cereal as it provides a good source of fibre. Even the high fibre stuff in the fancy boxes does not hold a candle to porridge.

2. Bowl for bowl, porridge is cheap. For anyone counting the cents, 500 grams of oats will last longer than the equivalent amount of cereal. It doesn’t take much to make a big bowl full, I’ve had my 750 gram bag over two weeks and it cost a little over a dollar.

3. It’s super healthy. Porridge contains loads of soluble fibre which lowers cholesterol, it is packed with antioxidant vitamin E which can fight cancer.

4. Eat Porridge, eat less. The complex carbs in a bowl of porridge keeps you tum full for longer without bloating, every time I’m going to exercise I munch down porridge an hour before.

5. The Recipe for Long life! Britain’s longest living man eats porridge every day – if that isn’t an endorsement I don’t know what is. The lipids and balanced fatty acids in oats have been linked to longevity and a long healthy life.

Although porridge isn’t all that exciting, especially if made with water, it can be jazzed up with a good dollop of honey, golden syrup or some nice juicy berries. Obviously going crazy with the sweet stuff detracts from the goodness of the oats, but there’s nothing wrong with sweetening it up a little.



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