Chokolait: Little Collins Street, CBD

This little gem is hidden in a tiny arcade on Little Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne and provides a chocolate heaven for sweet toothed travellers. Whether in need of sustenance after a hard mornings shopping, or just seeking out the best treats in the city, Chokolait is worth a visit.

I first visited this chocolate paradise on my birthday and what a treat it was, fine Belgian chocolate and delicious desserts, all served by friendly chocolatiers. They even seem to understand when you just can’t decide which scrummy menu item takes your fancy.

Chokolait Heaven (their name and mine)

Chokolait Heaven (their name and mine)

Pictured is my first experience of their pudding menu, the Chokolait Heaven. Australia isn’t known for its chocolate, or rather it is known for bad chocolate, but treats from Chokolait are a delight for everything but the waist band. The Heaven dessert is indeed heavenly, with dipping chocolate, chocolate mousse, double cream, strawberries and a selection of their finest Belgian chocolates to boot.

When it’s wintery outside as it is at the moment, one of their hot chocolate variations go down a treat. Made with real Belgian chocolate and available in great flavours such as chilli, cinnamon and Jaffa, hot chocolate from Chokolait is deviliously luxurious for all the senses.

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