Sezana’s Coffee Shop: Clarendon Street, South Melbourne

South Melbourne is a great suburb to grab a bite, with the market close by and loads of little cafes, there’s something to suit all tastes. Today I nipped into Sezana’s Coffee Shop and was surprised to find the food sub-standard, especially with so many great places in competition close by.

Summer Burger - more like Sickly BurgerI was pretty peckish so grabbed a Summer Burger and Chips, at $9.50 just for the burger; I expected something juicy and tasty. What I got was quite the opposite. The burger patty was thin and dry, not tasting of much at all; I wouldn’t be surprised if this had come from the supermarket value section. The avocado was very mild tasting, and pineapple (tinned) was very bland – I’m quite unsure how they managed to sap the flavour out of these ingredients. Even the bacon didn’t taste of much and was obviously very cheap.

The chips were not even seasoned and were about as boring as chips can possibly be. We were given a pot of watery tomato sauce, but this didn’t improve the flavour.

The decor and atmosphere in here is rustic and relaxed, but the food is very poor for the price. Their coffee seemed popular, but I didn’t want to hand over any more money to try one. I’ll never step foot in this place again.

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