The Swiss Club Victoria: Flinders Lane, CBD

Arriving at the Swiss Club I initially thought I was in the wrong place. Granted in hindsight there is a menu by the front door, but the entrance to the restaurant on the first floor is in Swiss. They could perhaps put “restaurant” in English in brackets to help out the non-Swiss speakers in Melbourne!

The restaurant was warm and homely with various Swiss décor giving the place a touch of cultural flare whilst not making any guests feel like they don’t quite fit in. Quickly seated, the staff then took 20 minutes to make it to the table to grab my order, even though the place wasn’t busy.

Once ordered the food quickly arrived; a huge steaming pot of cheesy fondue deliciousness along with a mountain of bread and hillocks of crisp green apple, potato roti and assorted traditional sausages. The chef gave a quick demonstration and away I went, tucking straight in I quickly realised that making a dent on the litre of cheese was going to be a struggle; thank goodness I wasn’t taking on this challenge alone.


The bread provided was thick and spongy, the prefect cheese absorbing accompaniment. The green apple gave a refreshing zing and changed up the flavours, and the sausages were juicy, each with different tastes. The roti wasn’t ideal for dipping as it refused to be stabbed with the fondue folk, but a little ingenuity (sticking it on to cheese dipped bread) helped it provide a crunchy texture to an otherwise soft dish.

The fondue experience was thoroughly enjoyable, but the cheesy taste did get a little repetitive towards the end of the pot. That said it was also more-ish in a way only cheese can be, and there was little chance of me putting down my fondue folk ahead of time.

At full price the dishes described above come in at just over $80 with a glass of wine each. This is pretty pricey, so look out for vouchers where this meal can be grabbed at half the cost. I think this dish would work great at a third of the size for lunch, or even smaller as a starter as the cheese does get a little repetitive. That said this is fun as a one off, but not one to be dipping into very often.

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