Gânache: South Yarra

Last weekend I wanted to buy a yummy pud to take along to a friend’s place for dinner and found myself in Ganache. Their staff were friendly and patient when I just couldn’t decide, they answered all my questions with a smile and the whole place felt very relaxed. I opted for a Brownie Moose Cake after some deliberation, and goodness was it good. Smooth chocolate gânache on a bed of gooey brownie finished with a luxurious glaze and topped with golf leaf and a chocolate twirl. The chocolate flavour was so rich, yet the mousse texture of the gânache made it light. Needless to say it was a hit with everyone who tasted it, and could have easily fed 8 rather than 6.Brownie Moose

I’ve seen this place so many times, but never went in as I was afraid of snooty staff and ridiculous prices. I should not be so judgemental, not judge a book by the cover and a shop by its window. That said the prices are high, but lower than other similar stores in the area who charge $40 plus for a similar sized cake.

I’d love to visit the café and indulge in a hot chocolate, and try more of their beautiful delights. I’m sure some day I will have worked my way through their entire menu.

Ganache Chocolate on Urbanspoon


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