The Wayside Inn: South Melbourne

Popped in here for lunch after some serious recommendations and left shortly after feeling very full and underwhelmed.

First up let’s start with the good points. This corner pub looks like any other on the outside, but with its light, fresh decor and friendly service, every diner seems to feel immediately at ease making for a relaxed atmosphere. I was dining as a duo and we both plumped for the Wagyu Burger, which is perhaps a little unexciting, but for $18 a pop we expected something more than your average meat in a bun.

Wagyu Burger

Each burger element was delicious expect the main event. The beetroot relish was sweet and finger staining, the bacon smoky and the melted cheese creamy. Even the bun was supremely buttery brioche which really complimented the other elements, but the let-down was the patty in its centre. Tasty yes, but dry and over cooked, this thick burger sucked the moisture from the tongue and was quite a chore to get through. The fast that the waitress had asked if it was ok to have the meat a little bloody, to which we replied a resounding ‘yes please!’, only hastened my disappointment. I’m sure they cook these perfectly every other day, but not today.

The burger is served with the chunkiest chips I’ve ever lain eyes on, but with only a mini portion of tomato sauce these soon begin to dry the mouth. The chip makers of at this joint should be reduced to herbs, as with only salt and sauce quickly expiring, these walloping chippies soon get tiresome.

I’m sure this place is great when it’s great, but today it let me down after much anticipation. Perhaps I should’ve sent the food back and stuck my hand in the air for more sauce, but at $36 for two burgers ‘n’ chips, I don’t think I should have to.

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