Pho Mee I love Pho: CBD

This tiny Vietnamese joint is hidden away at 108 Bourke Street in an extensive and largely empty mall. The first sign that this place wasn’t going to stack up to the competition was that their opening hours have recently changed to exclude weekends, now only opening for weekday lunches.

Something Tasty?

Hoping for something tasty I opted for a fish Laksa, a spicy noodle soup with its origins in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. After waiting twenty minutes a waitress came over to inform me that they had no fish, so I was switched to chicken. A few minutes later I spotted another waitress running to a nearby coffee shop and grabbing a milk carton from the fridge. Now as far as I could tell no menu items contained milk and they didn’t serve coffee, so I could only assume the worst. I was about to suffer a coconut milk to cow’s milk switch up.

Cow’s Milk? Seriously?

Now I’m no curry connoisseur, or indeed knowledgeable regarding Asian cuisine, so correct me if I’m mistaken, but cow’s milk for curry? Seriously?  Needless to say this Laksa had been thrown together in a hurry, I had almost been waiting half an hour, but chucking some chillies in milk and adding chicken isn’t the way to entice me back for more.

Hunger Strikes

I should have complained, turned over my bowl and kicked up a momentous fuss, but when tum starts a grumbling there’s not much else to do but eat. Upon further inspection the chef had decided to chuck not just thin rice vermicelli, but thick egg noodles. This was weird. The egg and milk combo was not good, just creamy on creamy with not much else, which left me feeling like a might soon re-fill the bowl.

Pho Mee no love for Pho

I’ve had the chicken and beef Pho soup here before, which was better and more towards what I expected for a quick lunch at this price point. That said there are much better places to grab a bite in the city and I would not eat here again.

Pho Mee I Love Pho on Urbanspoon


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