Around the Bay in a Day: Registration

I’ve never taken part in a charity fund-raising event, and I’ve never cycled more than 50km in a single day. So Signing up to the Bupa ‘Around the Bay’ 210 km event is a fairly large undertaking, but one that I can’t wait to get stuck into.

Since I heard about the event almost a year ago I’ve wanted to give it a go. Get trained, get fit, get completely exhausted to a good cause, but last year we were still travelling in the camper van and missed out. This year is still a little sketchy, as we don’t yet have a visa that allows us to stay in the country longer than September 10th. The event is October 20th. Fingers crossed for the visa!

There are a few things that will be challenging over the next few months, apart from the obvious training schedule. I’ve never ridden in a large group before, so will have to find a way to practice. I’m a little nervous of getting in the way of others, or causing an accident because I’m not aware of the protocol.

Smith Family LogoThe other small issue is the fundraising. Asking for sponsorship or money of any kind is defiantly not something I feel very comfortable with, but the cause is more important than my insecurities. So here I am, I’ll add more information about the charity, training and everything else as I go along, watch this space for pain, stress and cycling antics over the coming months.